10 Handy iPhone Apps for Home Improvement

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ideabook app from houzz Apps to Help Around the House

People are looking for the best method for improving their house. They usually decorate their own houses to add some values to their house. In this article, you are able to read some iPhone Apps for home improvement. These applications are good to help you plan the home improvement projects for your house.

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas
If you are looking for the beautiful exteriors or rooms, you need to use this application. It is a free photo bank application that has more than 150,000 images of bathrooms, kitchens, patios, pools, kid’s rooms, and many other parts of a house. There are several product suggestions in this application. You can also read some inspirations from the professionals. This application is available for all of you for free.

2. I.D Wood
This application is a catalog for the beautiful wood floors. There are many different types of wood that can be used for your floors. This application has many floor visualization and information about the specific floor. There are more than 160 types of wood floors in this application. The price is around $4.99.

3. iHandy level free
If you need to complete any type of wall hanging project, you need to use this application. This application is very simple to act as an effective tool for measuring the alignment of your wall hanging objects. You are able to use the level in portrait, landscape, or even face up mode to assist you with any type of your home improvement project. It is also free to use.

4. Home Planning Design Tool “Mark on Call”

This application is available on the iPad or iPhone. This application helps you map everything on your iPhone beforehand. You can create rooms with the accurate dimensions. You can also add some furniture, draw the flooring, and try different paint colors. This application is very effective to give you better vision of your rooms. This application costs around $2.99 for iPhone.

5. Carpets and Floors Calculator
This application is very important for you who want to calculate the total price of your carpet or tile floors. It allows you to estimate your cost based on the square footage and also the price of the carpets per square foot. You can simply input all specific figures to this calculator. You can get this calculator for free.

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