10 Tips to Decorate Your Home Using Mirrors

Mirrors can brighten and accessorize your space.  Knowing how to incorporate them into your home’s décor can make all the difference.  Listed below are a few tips for decorating your home using mirrors. Allow these tips to help you create a timeless, classic look when decorating your space.

Do you need to add light and depth to your space?

Many people choose mirrors because of the endless options of beautiful mirrors available on the market. They are widely available and for sale in almost every store. Others, however, choose to decorate with them for more purposeful reasons.  Mirrors can add light to darkened spaces and also make small room appear larger than what they really are.  To add light and depth to your space, choose to decorate with an array of mirrors.

Flickr: booyaaA mirror as the focal point

Mirrors make great focal points. Available in virtually any size, a mirror is what catches the eye of those guests who visit your home.  Mirrors also  work perfectly placed above a couch or bed as the eye is immediately drawn to the mirror.  If you are looking for a focal point for your space, decorating with mirrors is the perfect choice.

Mirrors can make you feel as if you have double the space

As mentioned above, mirrors can make small spaces such as bathrooms and small bedrooms feel larger. The reflection of the light gives it a larger feel and makes the room feel as if you have more square footage than you actually. Mirrors create the illusion of more space.

Don’t be afraid of a full size mirror in a small space

You rarely see a large mirror in a small room but decorating with a full size mirror can make a grand statement.  They also come in handy when you need to check out your outfit!

Design your own art with multiple mirrors

If you can’t find the perfect piece of art for an empty wall, why not create your own art using mirrors. Whether you choose to use 4 or 5 of the same mirrors, or mix and match with complementing styles, the options are endless when it comes to decorating with mirrors.

Choose mirrors that will help modernize the home

If you are looking for a more modern look, you will want to choose mirrors that have a modern look and feel.  Black, sleek frames are often the choice of those who are going for a more modern look. Avoid mirrors with a vintage look unless you are going for the vintage theme in the space.

Add a mirror to the entry way

The entry way of your home is one area where you MUST have a mirror.  Make your guests feel at home by greeting them with a beautiful mirror as soon as they walk into the door.  This is a great place to make a statement.

Mirrors in every room!

Mirrors can add a decorative touch to any room in the home, including the kitchen.  While you can use mirrors in different rooms in your home, avoid having too many in one space.  A mirror on every wall will is not necessary and may be over doing it.

Use mirrors as a defining area in a home

Mirrors can be used to help define spaces in small areas such as a loft apartment.  Use a mirror to be the defining point in a living and dining area if you live in a small space.  It can make the space, as a whole, to appear larger that what it really is.

Use mirrors as a light reflector in dark spaces

It is important that you choose to decorate with mirrors in those really dark places in your home. This is the cheaper alternative to buying new light fixtures and can add a sophisticated, elegant touch to your space.  Fill a dark space with mirrors!

When decorating your home using mirrors, use the tips above as a guide.  Creating the perfect space is easy when you know how to properly decorate with mirrors.  Allow these tips to help you create the perfect space using mirrors.

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