10 Ways to Use HomeSpot

Get the most out of your HomeSpot account with these different functions and tips:

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HomeSpot home maintenance for smartphones4. On the Go

It is much easier to carry around a checklist on your phone than laptop. Log into your HomeSpot account on your smart phone to access alerts, spaces, maintenance items, projects, and facts and appliances. The site is optimized for mobile browsers to make it easier to navigate and load.

5. Vehicle Maintenance

While miles certainly is the best factor to indicate the need for vehicle maintenance, the time-based tasks from HomeSpot serve as a good reminder. It is very easy to forget to check the odometer and let some less frequent maintenance slip through the cracks.

6. Plan Projects

Use the “Add a Project” button to plan home¬†improvements¬† This feature allows you to set a deadline, add a shopping list, save helpful links, and upload any related documents for the project.

7. Document Home Improvement

If you plan on selling a house in the future, it is smart to record all home improvements. It will show value added into the property to help justify a higher price tag. All you have to do to take advantage of this feature is click the “Convert this Project to a Fact” button. I

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