10 Ways to Use HomeSpot

Get the most out of your HomeSpot account with these different functions and tips:

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how to create a home inventory for insurance claims8. Save Appliance Manuals

Manuals for appliances are always helpful to have readily available. To store manuals in your account, start by finding the manual online (i.e. usually the appliance manufacturer’s website). Then use the HomeSpot bookmark tool to tie the link to all related maintenance tasks and/or facts.

9. Home Inventory (Premium feature)

A new tool for premium users is the home inventory. It allows homeowners to record items by room along with a photo and value. This list can be invaluable in the event of a fire or another home disaster. Filing a home insurance claim will be much easier and much more successful with a proof of valuables.

10. Manage Properties (Premium feature)

Upgrading to premium gives you the ability to add multiple properties. This can be very helpful for landlords trying to juggle the maintenance, projects, and notes for multiple rentals.

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