2014 In Review For HomeSpot HQ

2014 was a fun year! Many more engaged homeowners joined HomeSpot HQ in their quest to conquer home care. Some users are looking to prevent problems while others just love great cleaning tips. The helpful reminders keep the forgetful on their toes and the home inventory has your back in the case of an insurance claim. We'd love to hear what you like most about HomeSpot HQ, but we also very much appreciate feedback that will help us build an even better web app for 2015.

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How to clean a toilet and keep it cleanMost Popular Posts

  1. Toilet Maintenance – For the second year in a row homeowners have voiced their love for an article on toilets. Apparently this nifty little trick, which helps keep a toilet clean much longer, really resonates with people and I’m happy it has helped!
  2. Garbage Disposal Cleaning Trick – Sticking with the cleaning theme at number two is the garbage disposal ice cubes trick. It works brilliantly to clean, freshen, and sharpen the blades all at once.
  3. Ten Awesome IKEA Hacks – The only noncleaning article on the list is the IKEA upcycle and hacks list. Who doesn’t love IKEA? These projects take their furniture to the next level.
  4. Deep Clean a Toilet – Yep, another toilet article. This one is a bit different in that it shows you how to thoroughly clean the toilet from top to bottom.
  5. Cleaning Tricks – Surprised? I’m honestly surprised this article didn’t climb the ranks as it features other members of this list. It is a great one-stop article to find tons of great cleaning tricks that will save you time.
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Tyler is the founder of Home Maintenance Tracker and a writer for HomeSpot HQ, an easy to use tool for managing maintence and projects for every house.