3 House Problems That Could Blow Up In Your Face (literally)

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Problems around the House

There is no doubt that home maintenance is important. It can keep a house in good shape, reduce the chances of a problem, and make it a safe place to live. But what about when things do go wrong? What’s the worst that could happen?

Water Heater Explosion

Although it is very uncommon, it is possible for enough pressure to build up inside the tank of a water heater and create an explosion. And this is not a small explosion by any means. This burst of pressure is so big that Myth Busters did an episode on its power. It literally blew through the ceiling and the roof of a “test” house after reaching 336 psi (pounds per square inch). For this unit it equated to 85,000 pounds!

So why did it fail? First you need to have a control failure where the temperature and pressure keep building. Then you need a faulty Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) valve. When the pressure becomes more than the tank can handle, boom!

This sort of disaster should never happen. The biggest key is to test the TPR valve as a party of your monthly home maintenance checklist.

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