3 House Problems That Could Blow Up In Your Face (literally)

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Gas Leak

Natural gas has become one of the most prevalent energy sources for homes. It is affordable, effective, and leaves less of a carbon footprint than coal or oil. But its excellent combustion properties also make it a possible danger.

Leaks that are left unattended will fill the room with gas and set the stage for a big explosion. Even a small spark (e.g. flipping a light switch) can trigger a cataclysmic disaster.

To combat potential dangers manufacturers add an unpleasant smell that is normally not found in natural gas compounds. It helps residents detect the hazard early and allows everyone to escape safely. Even if there isn’t an explosion, the gas can cause asphyxiation, so you shouldn’t try to solve the problem. Call for help after getting outside the house.

Dryer Fire

Although there isn’t much of a bang here, a dryer fire can certainly be destructive. Lint collected in the trap needs to be emptied after every load to remove the “kindling” from the potential fire. This light fluffy byproduct of normal operation is highly flammable and can start on fire with enough heat.

Aside from regularly emptying the trap, be sure to perform thorough dryer maintenance a couple times a year. This involves cleaning out the trap orifice, interior of the dryer, and exhaust vent with a vacuum. Lint is bound to creep into these places even with correct operating procedures.

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