4 ways to use a Sharpie around the house

The Sharpie® permanent marker has established a strong reputation as the go-to tool for indelible marking on nearly any surface.  As a homeowner and do-it-yourself enthusiast, a Sharpie should be a part of every tool bag or fix-it kit you have.

Here’s 4 quick uses for a Sharpie to help you around the house with projects and maintenance tasks.

4 different ways to use a Sharpie around the house1. Label your refrigerator water filter.  Each time I replace my refrigerator’s water filter, I write the date I replaced it with a Sharpie, so that (in addition to my reminder in HomeSpot HQ) I can see how old the filter is every time I open the door. This can also work for your HVAC air filters.

2. Label your tools. Inevitably as a homeowner, the day will come when your neighbor calls on you to borrow a tool, be it a screwdriver, drill or tape measure.  Using a Sharpie, write your last name in big, bold, capital letters so there is no mistaking your tools from those of the borrower.  It will help you be sure to get your tools back.

3. Mark the direction switch on your ceiling fan. One of the frequent recommendations for helping save energy around your home is to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan according to the seasons.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget which way you want the air to blow for summer and for winter.  Use a fine point Sharpie to put a simple ‘S’ and ‘W’ on the appropriate end of the switch so you’ll be able to quickly toggle it for the season.  (By the way, generally you want the air blowing down in summer, and circulating up in winter.)

4. Mark your cut line on PVC or glass. While pencils are great for marking where to cut on wood, they just don’t work so well on plastic or glass.  If you are cutting PVC pipe (maybe to build a tomato trellis) or glass, a Sharpie is definitely the preferred instrument for marking the length.

No doubt there are countless more uses for this ubiquitous pen.  Got a suggestion?  Share your Sharpie secret uses using the comments area below.

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Derek Smith

Derek is the co-founder of HomeSpot HQ, and uses it to manage the seemingly never-ending list of projects and maintenance tasks around his suburban home.