5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom renovations can be costly and time consuming. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full fledged renovation, there are other options. We’ve compiled a short list of low cost, do-it-yourself bathroom upgrades that can be completed in a weekend (or less).

1. Change out the hardware

If your towel bars have seen better days and the faucets are leaky, it may be time to swap them out. Big box stores often have sales on these items. They even sell them in matching packs. Installation is pretty easy and usually only requires a screwdriver. Don’t forget about the switch plates, knobs and door handles.A checklist of inexpensive upgrades for you home's bathroom

2. Frame out the mirror

Open any home decor magazine and you’ll likely see beautiful framed mirrors. It’s a great look but can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, you can get the look buy using your existing builder grade mirror. Use liquid nails (meant for mirrors) and ‘glue’ trim around the perimeter of the mirror. Home Depot and Lowes even sell pre finished trim so you can avoid painting and staining. All you need to do is make a few cuts and glue it up and you can have the same high end look as an expensive framed mirror.

3. Paint

This is the most obvious solution for changing any room. But have you considered using paint leftover from other projects? Bathrooms are generally small rooms. You can usually get by with half or even a quarter gallon of paint. If the bathroom cabinets have seen better days, you can slap a coat of paint or stain on those too. Just make sure to use rollers and brushes designed for cabinetry.

4. Change the linens

A new shower curtain and towels can change the entire look of a room. Add a new accent color to an existing color scheme or pop a bright pattern in a neutral painted powder room. Shower curtains can make a huge impact in a small space. Hang the curtain near the ceiling to make the ceilings appear taller. Just make sure to buy an extra long shower curtain or it won’t reach the tub!

5. Lighting

Builder grade lighting is never flattering. Those hollywood lights are inexpensive and are often harsh. Find lighting that disperses light throughout the whole room. Add accent lamps to large bathrooms to make it seem more intimate and less cold. Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t feel cozy and warm.


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