5 Tips for keeping Bugs out of your Garden

45451026_1bcbc98dadAs we get further along into spring, and summer being around the corner, the thought of a beautiful garden starts dancing in the minds of many. Whether you fill your garden with flowers or veggies, one thing is a fact. No one wants bugs eating their plants. Check out the tips below to combat bugs this spring and summer.

Tomato Trouble
There is nothing like eating a salad with fresh tomatoes you have grown in your garden during the summer. These juicy vegetables are a great source of lycopene and very helpful for your heart. That said, how many times have you gone out to check up on your tomatoes plants and found your seedlings have been “chopped” in half? This is due to cutworms. One DIY option TLC recommends is to, “make simple collars from empty toilet paper rolls to protect the stems until they are too large to sustain damage from cutworms. The rolls will break down in the soil, or you can compost them.”

Enlist the Help of Other Plants
Just like peanut butter goes well with jelly, there are plants that complement each other in the garden. I’m not talking about aesthetically, but in a scientific way. For instance, if you have a moth or lady bug problem in your garden plant some bay leaves. They deter both pests. Onions deter cabbage moths, aphids, weevils, carrot flies, moles, rust flies, worms and red spiders.

Cut the Clutter
Bugs thrive in foliage, under rocks and in the weeds. If you clear out your garden of any debris you are setting up your garden for success. If bugs can’t find a safe haven to live in your garden, they won’t be in there for the long haul.  Bird baths can also attract more than birds. Make sure you are checking your bird bath for bugs who may be finding safe harboring under the bath.

Stink Bugs
Also known as shield bugs, stink bugs can make life for your tomatoes troublesome. By mixing vegetable, olive or lavender oil with water in a 1:1 ratio you can spray the solution on your plants to rid yourself of these bugs. Another option is to plant decoy plants around your tomato garden (like the suggestion above). Some plants stink bugs like are marigolds, mustard and lavender.

Call in the Experts
If your bug problem escalates to the point where you can’t manage it any longer, it may be time to call in a pest control service. There are many of eco-friendly options for your garden if you are worried about chemicals in your garden (especially if you are growing vegetables/herbs). Many times professionals will know how to clear your bug problem efficiently and for good. This is a great option if you have tried on your own for too long with little to no results.

Have you battled bugs in your garden? If so give us your quick tips in the comments below.

Guest post courtesy of Frank Merryman and pest control Houston company Protext Pest Control, who has provided Houston pest control services since 1978.

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