6 Ways to Update a Staircase

Redesigning a single room is more common than updating an entire home, which explains why staircases often go overlooked behind new wall colors, furnishings and accessories. However, there are many ways to spruce up dull steps to match the updated style of the rest of the home. Consider these six options for a modernized and stylish stairwell.

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book titles3. Make it Kid-Friendly

Design-forward home shoppers may be pleasantly surprised to find a new home with two staircases. However, the back stairs are usually not considered for redesign. Rather than ignoring a mudroom stairwell, try something fun and appealing for the kids. The back staircase is the perfect place to express creativity without conflicting with the natural décor and flow of the rest of the house. Avoid loud colors if the stairs are visible from the traditional dining or living spaces. It’s important to incorporate a unique look, but keep visible features of the home more mature for formal events and guests.

4. Install a Carpet Runner

Runners are great for homes with hardwood floors. The carpet strip provides traction to prevent slipping without covering hardwoods completely. Plus, they come in a range of designs and colors, so it’s easy to customize the style to fit the rest of the foyer or entryway. Carpet padding, tackless strips and staples are essential materials for proper fitting. Carpet installation can be tricky on curvy stairways and detail-orientation is important to avoid gaps and tripping hazards. Consider hiring a professional to complete such projects. For a more glamorous staircase, install stair rods across the angle where the risers meet the treads. Although not necessary for keeping runners in place, rods add flair to a simple look.

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