6 Ways to Update a Staircase

Redesigning a single room is more common than updating an entire home, which explains why staircases often go overlooked behind new wall colors, furnishings and accessories. However, there are many ways to spruce up dull steps to match the updated style of the rest of the home. Consider these six options for a modernized and stylish stairwell.

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stairs quote5. Add Quotations

Sometimes an inspiring phrase can uplift a mood – even if it’s written on the stairs. Design fonts to inscribe charming idioms across the risers. Each step can feature a different word to eventually progress into a full statement at the top of the steps. Incorporate the whole family by engraving names on different levels. Use stencils and a small paintbrush for clean letters and lines. To personalize the design, feature names in chronological age order from top to bottom. Or, paint the risers with chalkboard paint and scribe new messages frequently.

6. Replace Railings

There are many different railing options on the market, including wrought-iron, wood and stainless steel. These various materials can be sculpted to look more open or detailed with spindles. If older railings are falling apart, buy a new handrail or replacement spindles to restore the traditional style. A sturdy and structurally sound staircase is the most important element of the whole structure. The installation tools for a DIY replacement handrail include a hammer, drill, saw, tape measure, stud finder, wood glue, nail set, level and drill bit. For the rail itself, homeowners need railing material, brackets, epoxy, 4d nails, sandpaper and masking tape.

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