7 Steps to Ensuring Your Home Is Childproofed

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Pools are death traps for kids. If you have one, install a four-sided isolation fence with self-closing and self-latching gates. Never leave a child unattended in a bathtub. Children can and do drown in very shallow water.

How to make a home safe for kids
Use common sense and always try to see things from floor level.


Cut food into small bites and never leave a child unattended while eating. Buy only age-appropriate toys, and never give your child any plaything with small, loose parts. Never leave anything on the floor or on a low surface on which children could choke, from gum wrappers to buttons to pen caps.


Young kids are going to fall. They’re built for it. But a tumble down even a few steps can prove disastrous. Always install childproof gates at the top and bottom of even small staircases, and get in the habit of always using them.


Put child-safety locks on all cabinets at child-level. Keep anything that contains chemicals inside a locked cabinet out of the reach of children.


Guns and children don’t mix. Firearms should be unloaded, locked with a trigger lock, and kept in a safe separate from ammunition.

The best thing you can do is supervise your children constantly. That isn’t always possible, so use common sense in childproofing your house. Pad sharp edges, never hang anything on the wall or ceiling above where your child sleeps or plays, and always try to see things from floor level.

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