7 Things A Security Alarm Company Might Not Tell You

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7 things a security company won't tell you

Alarm Systems are NOT Impenetrable

Once your alarm is set up you should be able to feel safe, but you still need to realize your home isn’t 100% safe. Have you ever seen the movie, Ocean’s Eleven? If a couple of guys can break into a casino safe they can break into your home. I’m not saying professional thieves are going to pay you a visit, but as long as you know your security system isn’t impenetrable it’s fine.

Pets could be a Problem

If you have any pets at home it could be a problem because they will be running around and it’s obvious they will walk into the path of motion sensors. If you have a new alarm system they are much better at dealing with pets, but that doesn’t mean you will never have a false alarm. As long as you know that you’ll be okay.

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