8 Tips for a Successful House Sitter Experience

Your house is a sitting target if you’re away for an extended period, and it’s obvious you’re not there. Crafty criminals will watch your house and learn your schedule before making a move. Don’t leave your house vulnerable while you’re away. Hire a house sitter so it’s obvious someone is home. Here are seven house sitting tips to ensure your house is in good hands.

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1. Make Sure Your House Sitter is Someone You Trust

how to successfully hire a house sitterMost people hire a close friend or family member to house sit for them. If none are available, consider hiring a licensed and bonded house sitting professional who works in your area. Interview potential house sitters until you find someone who “clicks” with you.

2. Agree on Payment Ahead of Time

A professional house sitter has a set rate. If you’re hiring someone you know, agree on a daily rate before you leave. It’s best to pay half of the fee for the entire vacation up front so your sitter will have some ready cash for necessities (most professionals require this). Pay the other half upon your return.

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