A Few of my Favorite Over the Door Storage Products

Whether or not you’re one that is thrilled by organizing products it seems most of us tend to think about getting our life in order with each new year. With this in mind I thought it a good time to share some of my favorite products to make this task easier and use space you don’t always think of.

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Over the Door Clear Shoe Pockets.

It would be impossible for me to pick just one favorite product when it comes to organizing the home, but near the top of the list would be over the door clear shoe pockets. I find them useful in almost every room of the house for a variety items including their intended use. Here’s a few of the ways I’ve used them in our homes.

Entry coat closet: Great for storing mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, short umbrellas and ofcourse shoes.  I like to designate a row for each family member. One could even use a Sharpy marker to write their names above each row.

Hall linen closet: Keeping a first aid kit handy for your family that might need it when someone is occupying the main bathroom where most first aid kits are stored. It’s also a great place for storing muscle rub, a back massager and other such items.

Bathroom closet: For storing each family members toiletries, again giving each family member their own row. I used the bottom row for baby power, lotion, liquid soap refill and other items the whole family shared.

Bedrooms: They’re great for storing small toys in the bottom pockets of a child’s room where they can reach and  undergarments or other necessities in the upper pockets where their parents can reach. In a babies room they make easy access to all the baby care items you need when changing their diapers. You can find similar pockets made for jewelry that work for their tiny shoes too. In an adults bedroom they work well for scarves, socks, wallets and other small accessories.

Kitchen panty: They hold spice bottles, tins and seasoning packets, baby food or other goods that come in small light weight packages that otherwise take up allot of shelf space.

Garage: For storing garden and other hand tools. Though I advise using the ones made from canvas for these  heavy duty items.

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