A Step-By-Step Guide To Repairing An Asphalt Driveway All By Yourself

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Go And Buy Some Asphalt Filler

If you have ever bought cement before you will know what you’re looking for because small 50lb bags are the same size. You’re looking for cold asphalt filler which should contain a pre-made mixture of rocks and asphalt tar. There is a slight chance your hole could be a lot bigger, so you can either buy more than one bag or pick up a gallon bucket.

Clean The Hold And Let It Dry

Before you do anything to the hole you will need to clean it out because it’s impossible for tar to stick to dry dirt. Use a little trowel and scrape out everything you can. The hole also needs to be bone dry for the same reasons, but you should definitely think about soaking the hole with water first to get rid of 100% of the dust then you can leave it to dry.

Fill In Any Deep Holes

Sometimes certain parts of the hole will be too deep and you can pack them out with a material that will compact tightly. Clay and crushed limestone are two suitable materials to use. Don’t waste your time packing out the hole if it’s too deep because you’ll be quicker pouring concrete in until it’s sitting two inches from the top.

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