Air Conditioner Maintenance and Cleaning

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There are few parts of the system that should be inspected from time to time during the summer. Check the refrigerant lines for cracks and leaks. A small oily spot beneath a line indicates a leak. Call a professional to repair the leak and recharge the line with refrigerant. This is very important as the system will operate significantly worse if it starts losing pressure. If you see a much higher than normal utility bill during the summer, it is a good idea to have a professional check the system.

Next, go outside and inspect the insulation around the return refrigerant line. If it is torn or compacted, replace it. It shouldn’t cost more than $10 to replace the insulation and buy tape to secure it on to the line.

Filter replacement

The HVAC filter should be replaced at least every couple months to keep the evaporator (and furnace) clean. It would be a shame to put all the work into cleaning the coils and then let them get dirty again from a bad filter. I’ve seen it before where a homeowner lets a filter get so dirty that the pressure pulls the filter into the duct. A dirty filter restricts airflow and makes the system work much harder.


It is essential to get this completed every spring before the warm weather arrives. I neglected AC maintenance on my first home and paid the price. You can read all about here: Importance of Home Maintenance.

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