All About Drinking Water

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Water Tastes Bad

Our sense of smell is better than our sense of taste so often times people will smell bad water before even taking a drink.

What makes water taste bad?

This perceived “bad taste” is often a result of higher concentrations of iron, copper, manganese, zine, fluoride, or organic matter. Other causes may be from water treatment chemicals used at a plant, water softener treatment, or a new cathodic anode from water heater maintenance. Luckily, bad tasting water does not necessarily mean unhealthy water.

Treating bad tasting water

The best solution for bad tasting water is an activated carbon filter (a.k.a charcoal filter). No filter will be able to treat every odor, but carbon versions have the best track record. They use chemical reactions to absorb other carbon-based particles. Carbon is generally found in organic compounds. Since this is a chemical process the carbon filter will lose effectiveness as the charcoal is covered. Be sure to replace the filter if the water start to taste bad or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

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