Amazing Antique Toilets For A Unique Look

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Antique toilet for unique home decorAntique Toilets for Home Decor

Ever thought about replacing an appliance with antique? Probably not. For washers, dryers, refrigerators, and most other appliances going old school would be a big downgrade in quality and aesthetics. However, since the modern toilet was invented there have be relatively few changes from what are now considered antique toilets. With some updates to the internals in the tank toilet maintenance will be no more of a burden than a modern counterpart. And these parts are relatively cheap and easy to install. Just make sure there are no slow leaks that can result in wasted water or damage to wood.

Keys Aspects of Antique Toilets

Water Tank

The first noticeable difference for older antique toilets is the water tank. It is rarely mated flush with the porcelain base. Most cases there is a brass or copper connection between the tank and the base. Even older toilets have wall-mounted tanks. This setup will require more work to install since the tank and base are mounted separately.

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