How To Avoid Bed Bugs Hitchhikers

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How To Avoid Bed Bugs

Here are our tips to help you avoid sleeping in an infested hotel room and bringing these nasty pests home with you after your trip:

  • Stay alert! Bed bugs are also being found in planes, trains, taxis, movie theatres and second hand stores.
    Bring a flashlight to aid in bed bug inspections.
  • Bring plastic bags like Ziplocs or garbage bags to store and seal belongings and luggage.
  • Wait to bring belongings into your hotel room until after your inspections are complete.
  • Begin inspection by slowly removing all bedding from the bed carefully looking for any sign of a bed bug infestation.
  • Next check the mattress paying special attention to the seams lifting them up and looking on both sides for evidence of bed bugs.
  • From there move onto the box spring again paying special attention to seams, corners and areas where bed bugs can hide.
  • Inspect the bed frame and under the bed again looking at cracks and crevices and screws holding the frame together.
  • Thoroughly inspect all night stands and books that are stored in the night stands as bed bugs love hiding in books.
  • Remove the head board from the wall and inspect front and back of the headboard. This is one of the main areas we find bed bugs during our inspections of hotels.
    If you find anything suspicious during these inspections save the evidence and contact hotel staff immediately. Request to change rooms and if possible move far from the possibly infested room.
  • Keep all luggage and other belongings up and far away from the bed as possible. Use luggage racks or better yet store them in the bath tub or shower.
  • Store all belongings and luggage in sealed bags.
  • Avoid store clothing or items in night stands or dressers.
  • If hanging clothes consider the shower rack or as far away from the bed as possible.
  • Upon returning home immediately launder all belongings on the highest possible temperature.
  • If you travel often consider purchasing a small heat chamber designed to treat luggage and other items with heat which kills bed bugs in all life stages.

I hope this information will help to ensure your next trip is a success and completely bed bug free!

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