Basement Drain Maintenance

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The basement can be the most functional yet most relaxing room in your home if you just take care of it well and give it the value it deserves. Its unique location can give you a much needed privacy if you decide to convert it as a study or work area for personal or family projects. If you wish to engage in carpentry and use loud power tools, the basement is an ideal location for this because the noise reaching your home’s main level will be significantly reduced.

How to maintain basement drainageWith proper care and a little investment, you can transform your basement into anything you want – gym, guestroom, library, utility room, laundry area, game room, extra bedroom and so on. The only challenge here is that it is also in the basement where you see a number of plumbing pipes. These are located in the basement for an important reason – the basement is near the main drainage pipeline and the pipes are kept hidden from public view.

The most important pipeline in the basement is the drain. Here are a few tips in maintaining not just the drain, but also the basement as a whole:

The Basement Drain

Clean the areas surrounding the drain and make sure to keep the strainer unblocked. You might forget about it since it is just on the floor and unknowingly place the cooler, washing machine or couch over it. Always clear the area from any debris.

Pour some water into the drain to make sure the trap doesn’t dry up. Once the drain has dried up, noxious fumes from the sewer will escape into your basement.

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