4 Bathroom Cleaning Tricks

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Tub Surface Cleaning Trick

Is buildup also a problem on the surface of your shower or tub? Is so, use this easy test for hard water to confirm the source of the problem. A water softener may be the best long term solution, but this trick will help to get the surface clean now.

Start by mixing together equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Then add in a little bit of dish soap. Shake the concoction in the bottle and spray on the surfaces of the tub and shower. Let the solution set for an hour and then spray off with water.

If the surface is still not clean, try another application. It also helps to scrub the solution off with a Brillo pad.

homemade drain cleanerDrain Clog Prevention

The biggest rule for fixing a stopped-up drain is to prevent a clog by watching what is washed down. In the bathroom the biggest culprit is hair. Use a stainer in the bathtub to catch hair. It makes a big difference, trust me!

On top of monitoring what gets thrown into the sink and tub, use a little bit of vinegar on the drain as a part of your monthly home maintenance checklist. Dump a couple cups of the acid down each drain (tub and sink) each month. The vinegar will clean buildup off the inside of the pipes, which helps to remove spot where debris could get hung up.

If you do get a clog the best case scenario is blockage in the p-trap. With a little effort this section could either be snaked or the trap could be removed and cleaned. If the problematic area is lower, try fixing the clog using a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water to clear the pipes. Make sure to throw the baking soda in first, then the vinegar, and flush it all through with boiling water. Find more details and methods here: How to fix a drain clog.

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