Best of 2013

Another year has been rung in and there is a lot to look forward to in 2014, but first I pause to look back at the highlights of 2013.

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Top Blog Posts

I’m always to excited to see which articles make their way to the top of the blog. There are always a few surprises, but at the end of the day the best posts stand out.

  1. 10 Awsome IKEA Hacks
  2. Bathroom Cleaning Tricks
  3. 10 Inspirational Upcycling Projects
  4. Mason Jar Ideas for Inspiration
  5. How to Cut a Glass Bottle
  6. 10 Uses for Rubber Bands Around the House
  7. How to Tint Mason Jars Different Colors
  8. 6 Ways to Deal with an Ant Problem
  9. Microwave Cleaning Trick
  10. Purging Your Closet in 4 Easy Steps

Honorable Mention

The Toilet Maintenance and Cleaning article is technically from 2012, but it went viral in 2013. Who knew people loved toilet cleaning tricks so much?!

  • #2 most viewed article in the Hometalk How-to category (over 160,00 views)
  • Over 172,000 likes/repins on Pinterest
  • Dozens of references from other blogs and websites
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Top Blog Posts

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