Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolt

Smart House Lock

It is all about convenience these days and Kwikset is expanding this even further with a Bluetooth-enabled lock. This lock is activated by an app for iPhone and uses complex encryption to ensure security against hackers. If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry! A special key fob can be used. And, as a backup, a traditional key can still be used.

bluetooth activated lock for the houseDownsides

The Kwikset is going to retail at $249, which is very steep compared to the standard lock, albeit you’re getting some pretty fancy features. On top of the hardware costs you may need to fork over a few dollars for installation. This extra cost burden shouldn’t be a problem for handy homeowners.

The lock also relies on an internal battery that will eventually. Kevo has indicated it should hold up for at least a year from normal use.

If you don’t have an iPhone, it is definitely not as convenient without the smart-phone app for your house. And if you do have an iPhone, having the Bluetooth constantly on drains the battery faster.

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