A Brand New Deck Without The High Costs!

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How To

Remove any railings before beginning.  You can work in sections or pull up all the boards at one time.  I worked in sections so that I could break up the project into several weekends.  Start on one end of the deck and begin removing screws or nails from a section of the deck.

Use the broom and sander to clean up the underside of the boards before laying them back down again.  Be sure to remove any dirt, dust or other accumulated material that has collected on the surface of the deck joists before reinstalling the boards.

If your boards are nailed down, use the prybar and hammer to pull up the nails enough so that you can use the crowbar to remove them fully.

Replace the boards and secure in place.  If necessary, replace any boards that are too warped or worn to be re-used.

tips for a brand new deck on a dime
Deck with boards flipped and sanded.

You may want to power wash and stain or treat the boards to protect them from the weather and keep your “new” deck looking great for much longer.

Enjoy your brand new deck!


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