Brighten Up A Room With New Lighting

Lighting Updates

Updating or augmenting your lighting within a room can be an excellent room update with only a minor investment. Lighting does more than just add light to a room, it conveys style and atmosphere to your space.  Simply plugging in a new lamp can make a noticeable difference and lighting really brightens a room!  Here are some tips to update your room with use of lighting.

Brighten up a room with new lightsFixtures

Chances are your room has an overhead light fixture operated via wall switch close to the door where you enter the room.  Swapping out this fixture is a simple task for most DIYers.  New fixtures can be found at any home center and the costs for a new one can be as low as $20. Most fixtures come in a variety of finishes including:  brass, gold, silver, bronze, antique, brushed nickel, chrome, white or black. Fixtures come in a variety of styles including: pendant, track-lighting, ceiling mount, chandelier, flush mount, semi flush mount, bowl pendant, linear suspension, spotlight, mono rail, recessed, drum pendant, and mini pendant. To install, be sure to turn off the power to the existing fixture before removing it.  Then follow the directions that accompany the new fixture to install.


There are many variations of bulbs available today including LED, CFL, Halogen, and the old standard incandescent.  Bulbs give off different types of light that are considered either warm or cool light.  Changing the type of bulbs you use along with the lumens will change the rooms atmosphere and feel. Lumens is the standard measure of light given off by light bulb.  A standard 100 watt incandescent bulb gives off 1600 lumens.  The higher the lumens the brighter the light.

Task Lighting

Add task lighting for different areas of the room.  Most bedrooms have a set of nightstands on both sides of the bed.  Adding a new matching set of nightstand lights is an inexpensive addition to update the look of your room.  Also, a new set of matching floor lamps are a great addition for rooms without nightstands.  You can get ideas of styles of task lighting lamps by visiting a lighting store, viewing interior design websites and printed magazines.   If your budget does permit new lamps then consider simply updating the lampshades of your existing lamps.

Additional resource:  American Lighting Association

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