How to Build a Headboard from an Old Door

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Building the Headboard

Take your measurements using your existing bed. Decide how high you want your headboard to be. Measure from that point to the floor and cut two pieces of 2×4 to that length. These will be the legs. Most bedframes come pre-drilled for the purpose of attaching a headboard. The legs of your headboard will need to be centered on those drill holes. Measure the distance between these drill holes. Divide this measurement in half. Find the center point of the longest side of your door. You will want to make marks where the legs will be attached to the headboard.   Use the half measurement calculated above and measure out from the center point of the door, making marks on the door to show where the edge of the leg will be attached. Using the 2 ½” deck screws, attach the cut 2x4s to either end of the door using the marks you made to show where the edges of the legs should be placed and with the ends of the 2x4s butted up to the top of the door (see photo).

Measure the short edge of the door and cut two pieces of 1×4 to that measurement. Nail the 1x4s to either end of the door to cover the edge of the door and the 2×4, leaving a bit of a reveal on the side of the door that will face the bed. Cut the remaining 1×4 to the length of the door and attach it across the top of the headboard. If desired, add an extra inch to your measurement to create a ½ “ reveal on either end of the headboard.

Add the legs to the doorYou will need to drill holes for the bolts that will attach the headboard to the bed frame. Measure the height of the holes in your bedframe and transfer these measurements to the legs of the headboard. Drill the holes for the bolts. Paint your headboard and allow the paint to dry fully. Attach the headboard to your bedframe using 2 ½” nuts with washers and bolts.

Adding the trim and paint

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