Building a Custom Closet – Installation

Using the blueprints you made from custom closet plans  and the materials you purchased using the information you found in the closet supply list, you are now ready to build your custom closet. If you are not starting with a blank closet, you'll want to deconstruct the old one, fix any holes, and prime and paint the walls.

If you are using MDF it's important to use a pilot hole for every screw.

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2 Graphed 12x6x8' walk in closet plans Complete

  1. Using the installed partitions to double check measurements against your charted plans you are now ready to cut the shelves, cleats, base pieces and trim for your closet. To be on the safe side I always cut things at least a blade width too long. You can always trim excess, but you cannot add it back on.
  2. Cut a 45 degree angle off one end of all side shelf cleats.
  3. Mark the location on each piece where it will not be covered by paint or stain.
  4. Prime and paint the cleats that go against the wall the same color as the closet walls.
  5. Paint or stain all other closet parts including any cleats that will hold up the sides of shelves to match the parts of the closet they will support.
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