Building a Custom Closet – Installation

Using the blueprints you made from custom closet plans  and the materials you purchased using the information you found in the closet supply list, you are now ready to build your custom closet. If you are not starting with a blank closet, you'll want to deconstruct the old one, fix any holes, and prime and paint the walls.

If you are using MDF it's important to use a pilot hole for every screw.

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Cleats, Shelves, Brackets and Shelf Base

Closet shelf with rod and cleats.

  1. Using size 8, 2″ screws and anchors when needed secure cleats all across the top of the closet between partitions. Make sure the top of the cleat is level with the top of the partitions.
  2.  Attach all other wall cleats to support the backs of the rest of the shelves using size 8, 2″ screws and anchors when needed.
  3. If the rod is 48″ or wider you’ll need to add a vertical cleat to support center brackets as shown in photo to the right. (Enlarge photo to see detail.) Secure them to the wall with one 2 inch long screw and anchor if needed near the top to avoid where screws to secure brackets will go.
  4. Using a scrap piece of wood on top of bracket to help with placement, secure brackets in place with  size 8, 2″ screws and anchors if needed.
  5. With the horizontal wall cleats as your guide, place and secure all side cleats to partitions using size 8, 1-1/4″ screws.
  6. Secure the bases between partitions where you’ll have full length shelving units using finish nails through the partitions into the sides of the base.
  7. Place top shelf across all partitions. Use finish nails  to secure the shelf to the top of the partitions and top of the cleats at the wall.
  8. Secure all other shelves in place using finish nails through shelf into cleats and base at the front of the bottom shelves.
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Cleats, Shelves, Brackets and Shelf Base

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