Building a Custom Closet – Installation

Using the blueprints you made from custom closet plans  and the materials you purchased using the information you found in the closet supply list, you are now ready to build your custom closet. If you are not starting with a blank closet, you'll want to deconstruct the old one, fix any holes, and prime and paint the walls.

If you are using MDF it's important to use a pilot hole for every screw.

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Finished Custom Closet

1 Mock-up of Master Closet
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This is a composite of two photos to show our finished custom closet right after hubby and I completed it almost ten years ago.

When writing this series on closets I wound up rearranging things which in turn gave me more storage options. I put the large covered boxes that were in the cubbies on the top shelf and bought new bins to replace them. The bins are shorter allowing space to add more shelves to the cubbies for even shorter bins. We are also planning to add a rod on both sides of the back top corners for storing hubby’s sporting clothing.

All the extra storage came from purging non clothing items as I went through the closet while writing. If you haven’t already read my article on Purging Your Closet in Four Easy Steps, now is a good time to do so. It’s all about clothing, but while you’re at it, I highly recommend going through other items too. I was surprised how much else there was that we no longer needed.

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Finished Custom Closet

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