Building a Custom Closet – Planning

Before you start designing the layout of your closet it’s important to take a few quick measurements.  Since your custom closet will have double rods for tops you’ll need to measure the  amount of rod space for your tops and bottoms separately. These measurements will dictate how much space you have left for shelf storage.

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First Things First

Closet terms basic without cleats on top shelfWhether you are building a model airplane with your child or a rocket ship headed for Mars you must first know the terminology. Without it you‘ll get nowhere fast. It’s no different when building a closet.

Closet Terminology:

Base:  The support at the bottom of a cabinet or shelf unit.
Bracket:   An L or triangle-shaped structure that is attached to the wall to support shelves.
Bracket with Rod Support:  A bracket with a hook attached to support the closet rod.
Cleat:  A wooden support attached to the wall or the structure to support shelves or other parts of the structure.
Closet Rod:  A wooden dowel for hanging clothing on. Thought hey can also be made from metal.
Partition:  A wall that divides sections of the whole.
Rod Flange:  A collar for attaching the rod to the wall or partition.
Shelf:  A flat surface for storing objects.

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