Building a Custom Closet – Supply List

The next step in the process of building a custom closet is preparing your shopping list. This includes the lumber and the cuts you’ll have done at the store, all hardware, tools and paint or stain supplies.

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Shelves Over Rods  4x8 foot sheet of lumber with 6 rod shelves and cleats

Please keep in mind if the length of your over the rod shelves are more than 48 inches you will only get one out of each 12 inch wide length cut in your sheet of lumber. Any scrap from this can be used for shelves for shoes or cleats so it’s not a loss.

In the example to the right the over the rod shelves are basically 48 inches long. They’ll be about a 1/16th inch less because of the width of the blade. Make sure who ever is cutting takes this into consideration.

Again all cross cuts shown in red will be made at home. If this image works for your closet feel free to click to enlarge and download it to your computer.

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