Building a Custom Closet – Supply List

The next step in the process of building a custom closet is preparing your shopping list. This includes the lumber and the cuts you’ll have done at the store, all hardware, tools and paint or stain supplies.

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Cleats BackgroundLabs wood

After you’ve charted all the partitions and shelves it’s time to check and see if you need to purchase an extra half or full sheet of lumber to make enough cleats to finish your project.


Once that is complete add the number of sheets needed for partitions, all shelves and any additional for cleats to know how many 4 x 8 (or 4×4) foot sheets you need.

To make things easier at the lumber store place your charts in sheet protectors in a notebook or tape them into a spiral notebook. This way you can show the clerk what cuts you need. You can add the lists on the next two pages (with downloadable for printing copies on page seven) onto blanks sheets of paper in the notebook.



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