Building a Custom Closet – Supply List

The next step in the process of building a custom closet is preparing your shopping list. This includes the lumber and the cuts you’ll have done at the store, all hardware, tools and paint or stain supplies.

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Hardware Supply List

Simpson tie A23Z

  1. Size 8 Phillips head wood screws. One inch long for into walls through Simpson Angles and half inch for through angles into the partitions, two inches long for into walls through cleats, and one and a quarter inch for into partitions though cleats.
  2. Size 8 nylon screw in anchors for use when not going into a stud. Called E-Z Anchors or Wall Drillers.
  3. Finish nails for securing trim.
  4. Two Simpson A23Z Angles for each partition.
  5. Trim for edges. We used 3/4 inch wide triple bead but “screening” will also work.
  6. Number of sheets of lumber you found after making graph paper drawings.
  7. Number of standard closet rod brackets needed for your closet.
  8. Number of standard closet brackets without rod hooks needed for your closet.
  9. Linear foot needed of wooden closet dowel rods in your closet.
  10. Number of sets of rod flanges needed for rods in your closet.
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