Building a Custom Closet – Supply List

The next step in the process of building a custom closet is preparing your shopping list. This includes the lumber and the cuts you’ll have done at the store, all hardware, tools and paint or stain supplies.

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Tool List

Tools from Vector
  1. Table  or other saw for making cross cuts at home.
  2. Straight edge guide for making straight right angle/cross cuts if you do not have a table or sliding miter saw.
  3. Hammer or power nailer with nails.
  4. Power drill with Phillips attachment.
  5. Level, at least two foot long.
  6. Pencils for marking.
  7. Tape measure.

Finishing Supplies

  1. Efficient amount of paint & primer or stain, wood conditioner & polyurethane to finish your project including paint for the walls of the closet.
  2. Appropriate brushes for paint or stain.

I highly recommend working with water based stains and finish coats for easy clean up.

On the next page you’ll find downloadable lists to save to your computer for printing.

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