Building a Home Office, Part 1

Until recently I used our daughter’s old bedroom suite as my, pretty much everything room. Our Ladies’ Parlor was rarely used, so I decided to turn it into my own home office. I left all but my desk, computers, TV and photo storage boxes upstairs.

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Choosing the Right Bookshelves

The three styles pictured represent the basics found in most online or brick and mortar stores.

  1. The budget friendly flat packed particle board units found in department stores. Take note that these do not hold much weight. Watch for an upcoming article on how to dress them up.
  2. Real wood bookcases. Most are constructed of a combination of solid and real wood veneer over plywood. The quarter inch thick plywood can hold the most weight per shelf. You can also find this style unfinished.
  3. Modern Industrial. These have a combination of metal and wood or wood products. Most shelves are real wood veneer over MDF, so they will not hold as much per shelf as the plywood, but more than particle board units.

Bookshelf possibilities

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