Building a Home Office Part 2: Turning a Bookcase into a Computer Desk

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Supplies to Make a Bookshelf a Computer Desk4 Supplies for attaching keyboard to a shelf that's too shallow.

First off I had to find a reasonably priced keyboard tray that was still a quality product. I was stumped when it arrived when I found out it was meant to attach to something deeper than my bookcase. Of course, that didn’t stop me. As usual I found what I needed in our stash of usable scraps in the basement.

  1. Keyboard tray. Came with its own screws.
  2. Tape measure.
  3. Though one cordless drill will do, I used ours for pre-drilling,  plus an impact driver for inserting the screws. Let me tell you, everyone should have an impact driver.
  4. Small drill bit for pre-drilling holes and either flat head or Phillips head bit to fit the screws you are using.
  5. Wood one-bys. I cut a one by four in half lengthwise and then each piece to 13 inches, which was long enough to extend just a little more than I needed to keep the drawer slides from damaging the wall behind the bookcase.
  6. Clamps for holding wood to underside of the shelf.
  7. One and a quarter inch screws for attaching wood to underside of the shelf.
  8. Oh, and books, lots of books. That is if, like me, you wind up doing this part on your own.
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