Charcoal vs Gas Grills

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National BBQ Month

What better month to fire up the classic charcoal vs gas grilling debate than National Barbecue Month, which is every May. Some prefer the “smokiness” of classic charcoal fires, but other like the convenience of gas for a fuel. Either way, most everyone likes to enjoy a little grilling during the spring and summer. It sure is a nice break from the kitchen!

What is better? Charcoal or gas grills?


Without a doubt gas wins the convenience factor. It is so easy to turn on the  nozzle and ignite the flame. Electronic ignition is even better. The only drawback for gas is forgetting to fill the tank and having it run out during a cookout. The obvious solution is to buy a second tank, but it does add to the cost factor.

Charcoal clearly loses here because it not only takes more effort to get the fire going but it also takes longer. Not to mention there is cleanup required after.

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