Choosing a New Wall Color… Without Losing Sleep Over It.

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paint chip wall 1Need a Quick, Inexpensive, Drastic Change to Any Room? PAINT.

Go From Out-dated to Sophisticated:

From Dingy & Dreary to Bright & Cheery:

Or From Worn-out to Chill-out:

To quote my decorating guru, who happens to be my Mom, “Paint is the quickest and cheapest way to freshen, brighten, change the mood of, or add drama to, any room in your house,” other than on Thanksgiving, of course, when both sides of the family are invited.

Don’t be afraid to be BOLD with paint color. Color is your friend. Besides, the beauty of changing any paint color in your home is exactly that: you can always change any paint color, in your home, again.

With today’s new products such as Home Depot’s tintable Behr brand paint with primer added, making the change is easier than ever.
Even if you don’t have volunteers lining up to help with your living room transformation.

My Helpful Husband’s Note: Menial labor — that’s why we had kids, right?

One Way to Find Your Feel Good Color

Yes, that wonderful rainbow of paint color chips, though beautiful to behold, can be quite intimidating to the untrained eye, but don’t panic. In my first few entries, I am going to show you how to narrow your choices from an artist’s perspective, even somewhat scientifically.My first suggestion is a bit less calculated than the scientific method:

My first suggestion is a bit less calculated than the scientific method: Choose a favorite article of clothing that you feel oh, so beautiful in, even on bad days.

Although we are looking for a color that makes you happy, ideally, it should be a color that compliments your skin tone, making your face almost glow against it. If you never notice these things, which color do you most likely get complimented on when you wear it out? Ask your best friend, or spouse (Yes, some DO notice.), or your Mother. You can bet she’s noticed, although you may just have to pick the opposite of the one color she constantly reminds you “makes you look washed-out and sickly.” You definitely do not want that on your walls.

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