Choosing a New Wall Color… Without Losing Sleep Over It.

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Save paint colors with HomeSpot HQTest Drive Your Color Choice

For the more conservative decorators out there, your local paint counter may now stock miniatures of your chosen paint, in their own tiny, tintable, 8oz jars. Home Depot, for sure. No longer are you forced to invest in several gallons of a custom color chosen by squinting at a single 2 x 2 inch square, under industrial lighting, next to a billion other color choices, for your living room’s 9ft x 15ft walls. For around three bucks, you can take home enough of your carefully chosen paint color to live with for a few days, before making a commitment. Come to think of it, even more important advice for those spontaneous decorators out there… like me.

Some paints, like YOLO Colorhouse Brand, come in 12x16in pre-painted, big-chip color samples for about the same price, but may only be available online. Keep in mind that an 8oz color tester will cover up to 16sq. ft. Also a great choice for smaller, more colorful projects such as whimsical, mix-and-match colored chairs, or Victorian spindle accents, with enough left over for fun picture frames.

Let the Kids in on the Fun.

Get the Kids in on the Fun!

Be Creative with your Extra Paint

Get Creative with your Extra Paint! There’s a reason you chose it, so you might as well use it somewhere.

WARNING: Colors take on a life of their own and can change drastically under different lighting.

If you don’t believe me, Google Claude Monet’s Haystacks: 25 paintings he created to record an entire harvest season. This series exemplifies the differences in perception of light across various times of day, seasons, and types of weather. In reality, the haystacks did not change color, but only appear as different colors to our eyes, under different lighting circumstances. Here, I’ll save you the time:

I suggest painting a poster board with your color (or several, with other color choices) and tacking these to each wall you’re planning to paint, being sure to ponder each at different times of the day and evening, with the various combinations of artificial light sources available. (Open and close the curtains, turn on the overhead light, use the dimmer switch if you have one, turn lamps on and off, you get the point.)

There’s nothing more disappointing than going to bed loving your freshly painted accent wall, which is the exact shade of rich, burgundy wine as your favorite, fall, cashmere sweater, and waking up the next morning to watered down, tomato soup on the same wall!

To Be Continued Next Week . . .”How Color Effects Your Mood”

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