Common Basement Problems

If this graphic doesn’t make you start checking the state of your furnace, circuit breakers and dryer, you might not be the best person to maintain a house. There’s a lot of information, but it’s all valuable and potentially life-saving. You can look through the illustration to see potential hazards that can be found in just about any dwelling. At the top, we start at the bottom of the house in the basement.

Potential basement problems noted include poor drainage, foundation cracks and clogged furnace filters. Did you know that replacing your filters regularly can save you significant money on your energy bills? Keep reading for more valuable hints on maintaining your electrical system, and recommendations for inspections. Finally, there is information on the often overlooked hazard of dryer fires.

Dryers were involved in 20 deaths, 14,600 fires and 86.8 million dollars worth of damages in 1999, and this is still just as great a problem today. Scroll down to read some valuable hints on how to minimize your dryer fire risk!

common basement problems

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