Complete Guide to Yard and Garden Preparation For Winter

With the winter season nearing, many individuals are preparing for what appears to be the coldest and most difficult time of the year. From ice blocking pathways to intolerable climates reaching zero degrees, the season of winter is something everyone should be preparing for. So you’ve got all your food and medical supplies. You’ve prepared batteries, flashlights, and candles for possible power outages. You’ve prepared your thick winter attires. So, what’s left to prepare? How about your lawn and garden?

Preparing your lawn and garden are important responsibilities as a homeowner. Though this entails extra work, the process can be tackled effortlessly and quickly through these tips and guidelines below.

prepare your garden for winter with these maintenance tips

Tips in Preparing Your Garden

Winter brings a knee deep of snow. And snow can cause damage to plants and vegetation in your backyard. While good snow does cover and insulate the soil, similar to that of a mulch, snow that covers the wrong plants can endanger it. For example, if a snow accumulates on evergreen branches and weighs them down, the branch is endangered of breaking apart. Let’s take a look at some gardening tips to prepare your yard for the cold season.

• Shake the snow down from the bottom part and then work your way upwards. If a branch is immersed in ice, do not try to free them. Instead, let the ice melt and then get the branch out slowly.

• Cut off dried stems of plants to ground level after getting frost to smooth out the garden and eliminate pest eggs and hazardous spores that may have taken shelter in the perennial. Do not cut the leave stems with beautiful looking seed heads for added decoration on your garden.

• Gather dead plants and pile them up into compost to produce an organic soil conditioner. Hot, active compost will eliminate the weed seeds and disease-causing pathogens.

• To impede rodents and other pests from finding shelter inside the soil, which eventually ruins its potential to grow plants, wait until the surface freezes prior dumping a 6-inch layer of natural material as mulch.

• Secure a protective barrier of burlap across the stakes and string it into place. Once secured, occupy the center with an insulating cover composed of torn dry leaves. The plant is now protected against strong winds that winter brings.

winter yard maintenance and preparation

Tips in Preparing Your Yard

• Clean your lawn. Homeowners consistently water their lawn to maintain its natural green color. But as Winter sets in, many fail to continue this practice. There is nothing wrong with letting it water itself for a few months. Many types of lawns do not die if they do not get watered. Instead, it goes dormant and changes to color yellow. Before winter hits, you should also give your lawn a good trimming. Go for shorter grass as this discourages poisonous mold from developing under the heaps of snow cover.

• Vacate the yard from any unnecessary items. Your children’s toys, stacks of newspaper, recycled bottles, etc. should be moved before winter. Along with these items, you should also move plants that aren’t classified as perennials as they won’t be able to last the cold season.


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