Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Outdoor Design Ideas
A great outdoor room design is a natural extension of your home. It can offer a fun, flexible space for outdoor entertainment or a private, peaceful escape. These outdoor design ideas will help you make the most of your space and budget and create an atmosphere that complements your lifestyle.

Making and sharing meals is one of the best ways to enjoy your outside space and entertain guests. Creating a cooking-ready outdoor room design can be as simple as adding a basic grill or as elaborate as building a full outdoor kitchen. Design ideas for outside kitchens often feature convenient amenities like a refrigerator, bar, oven, sink, ice maker and beverage cooler. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertainment and cooking, you may also want to consider incorporating storage ñ for cookware, dishes and other culinary supplies ñ into your outdoor room design.

Shelter increases the versatility of your outdoor room design – allowing you to enjoy it in different weather conditions. Just as with cooking amenities, you have a wide range of options. You can purchase an umbrella, install a gazebo or even add a roof structure to provide protection from the elements. You may also want to consider adding a screened-in area to your outdoor room design so you have an insect-free place to get fresh air. At the very least, you should keep insect-repelling products on hand.

Colorful, aromatic plantings ignite the senses and help turn your outdoor room design into a relaxing escape. Landscaping can also serve practical functions. To create a more intimate space for outdoor entertainment, add privacy plantings. You can also incorporate greenery that will help attract orrepel certain insects or wildlife. Caring for surrounding nature is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor room design. Use high-quality lawn mower parts and sharp lawn mower blades to keep the nearby landscape looking its best.

Your outdoor space should be able to seat at least the number of people who will typically be enjoying it. If you want extra seating for outdoor entertainment but donít want to crowd the area at other times, tuck away foldable or stackable chairs. There are many outdoor seating options on the market today that mimic indoor furniture – offering a combination of durability, comfort, function and style. When youíre selecting furniture for your outdoor room design, think about how you plan to use the space. For dining and conversation, a patio table and chairs is a go-to choice. For lounging, outdoor couches and chairs are a great option. Other fun, comfortable possibilities include a hammock, chaise lounge and day bed – all perfect for an afternoon of reading or napping. To create the full effect of an outdoor living room, add small tables (such as a coffee table and/or end tables) and a television to your outdoor room design.

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