DIY Crochet Wine Bottle Cover

No matter what your home decorating budget is, it can be fun to use items that are "free" to add interest to your home.

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Crochet Mesh Sides4 Sides of bottle cover rp

The chain four is the first double crochet and chain one of the first round of mesh. For this round only you’ll make the double crochets in the back loop only to make the change from the base more “square”.

Double crochet, chain one in every other back loop of the half double of the last round of the base, ending by attaching to the third chain loop of the beginning chain. There will be 18 double crochet chain ones. Chain four, turn. Double crochet, chain one in each double crochet in the first round of the side mesh. Repeat this for each round until you near the top where the bottle curves inward.

The last round of mesh is done after sliding the bottle into the mesh cover. There are no chain-ones between the double crochets. You’ll still crochet in each double of the round before. This will narrow the mesh to fit the bottle snuggly. Chain one and turn only if it will be easy enough to work on the bottle.

Finish the mesh sides by crocheting one single crochet in each of the 18 double crochets of the last mesh round.  Attach last single to the first and tie off.

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