DIY Crochet Wine Bottle Cover

No matter what your home decorating budget is, it can be fun to use items that are "free" to add interest to your home.

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Jute Wrapped Jug 5 Bottom of wine jug. 

Though this seems easy, and it really is, it’s tedious. I started by completely hot gluing the first round of large jute roping to the bottom outer edge of the wine jug. Once you get to the sides you can place a small hot glue dot about every inch or so. Make sure when you apply pressure that you do so on either side of the hot glue placement so as not to burn yourself. I highly recommend keeping a bowl of cold water close by to dip your fingers in, just in case.

Continue wrapping and gluing until you get to the desired height on the side of the bottle. Cut the jute at an angle and glue in place at what will be the back of the jar. Though it’s not necessary, I also wrapped the jug lid with jute roping. 

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