Curtain Measurement And Trend Guide

Curtains can add charm, elegance, color and even space to a room. Measured wrongly, however,they can ruin the positive atmosphere of a room by distracting with how poorly done they look. To prevent this, it’s crucial to get your measurements right. No-one likes staring at curtains that only just cover a window, or which let light in at the sides and bottom of a window. It tends to look quite tacky.

Here to help is a guide on how to measure for curtains, as well as some inspiration on what type of
curtain styles and patterns you can currently choose from.

Measure The Width

The majority of mistakes, when measuring for curtains, occurs when measuring for the width. Many
measure the width of the window, but this won’t ensure that your window will be covered by the

Instead, measure the width of the curtain pole or curtain rail. Be sure to include the finials
(decorative ends) of the curtain pole when measuring it.

If you’re curtain rail has an overlap, then simply measure the rail, then the overlap, and add the
overlap measurement to the rail measurement.

If you’re fitting a new curtain pole or rail, be sure that they extend the window width by 15 to 20 cm
each side of the window. This ensures that the curtains hang nicely, and cover the entirety of the

Measure The Length

Measuring the length for your curtains, also referred to as the drop, gives you more choice, as it’s up
to you how long you’d like your curtains to be. Traditionally, there are three lengths to choose from:

Full length (A), where the curtain ends 1 to 3 cm from the ground; above the radiator (B), leaving a 1
to 3 cm gap between curtains and radiator; below the windowsill (C), the shortest of the lengths, in
which the curtain ends approximatley 15 cm below the sill. These lengths are depicted on the image
below as A, B and C.

Be sure measurements are on your checklist when adding curtains

When measuring the length, it is crucial to measure from the curtain rail or pole, and not from the top of the window. This is where mistakes happen, as curtains measured from the top of the window won’t fully cover the area when they are hanging from the pole or rail, which are several centimeters higher up.

Currently Trending

Curtain design trends are very much dependent on interior design trends. Bright and bold colors are currently very popular within interior design, as well as creating a unity within a room by matching design styles of different accessories. For example, curtains are matched with cushions, wall art and lamp shades. As you can’t always find exact matches for all of these items, a general theme and color coordination is chosen. Below is an example of a floral design theme on a bold yellow background using curtains and cushions.

trending curtains - floral violet

Here’s an example of how you can use a nice navy blue to tie in the theme of a room using curtains,
cushions, wall art and accessories like a vase:

trending curtains - color tie in

You can also find some very topical designs, such as this Britain inspired collection:

trending curtains - British pattern

There are many more and very versatile curtain designs and patterns, which will fit any room and
style, providing you’ve measured correctly.

Learn more about curtains here.

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