DIY Checkerboard Step Stool

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Country Red Stepstool4 blogsizeCountry Style Checkerboard Step Stool

I have a handmade maple step stool. It’s a beautiful Shaker style stool that I have used every day for the last decade. Since it sits in my kitchen most of the time, it was showing some wear and tear.   To dress it up and give it a more country style look, I painted it red and added a checkerboard to the treads. Here’s how to do it.

Materials and Prepping

To save on the number of steps required, I used chalky finish paint. This kind of paint doesn’t require any sanding prior to using it – even on stained wood! I chose an orangey red colour called Autumn.

Chalky finish paints will require a paste wax coat to keep the finish free of scratches once the paint job has dried. The nice thing about this paint is how easy it is to achieve a distressed finish with it. A very light sanding will do the trick.

For this project, I did give the step stool a good cleaning with Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP) and rinsed it well afterward. This removes any grease from the surface of the wood and roughens the surface as well.

You will need paint, a good painter’s masking tape, a small roller applicator and a 1” paint brush. If you choose to use a different kind of paint, you may also need a primer if you are working with unfinished or stained wood.

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