DIY Checkerboard Step Stool

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Stepstool prepPainting the Step Stool

Use the roller to paint two coats of chalky finish paint (or one coat of primer and two coats of latex paint).

Allow to dry between coats. Chalky finish paint does not take long to dry between coats, usually an hour is enough.   Follow the instructions on the product you use.   Allow the 2nd coat of paint to fully dry overnight. If you would like a worn or distressed finish, sand the edges of the piece as much or as little as you like.

Using the masking tape, mask off the portions of the step stool that you do not want painted. I actually used one extra piece of masking tape as my spacer, so I masked off one line and then put the “spacer” tape butted up against it and applied another piece on the other side of the “spacer”. Continue that process until the surfaces have been completely masked off in one direction. Then repeat the process going perpendicular to the tape you already have in place.

Using another colour of paint, I used white, and the 1” brush, paint just the open squares. Remove the tape as soon as you have finished painting to avoid smearing. Or if you like that look, don’t worry about it!

Once this paint has dried, you can sand again to create the worn and distressed look of a well-used vintage piece or leave it as is. Apply at least two coats of paste wax over chalky finish paint, buffing the wax coat after it dries.

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