DIY Door Table

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  1. Drilling pocket holes:
    1. Set the pocket hole jig for the thickness of the apron stock – ¾” in the case of my table. This sets the proper depth for the pocket holes.
    2. Using the jig instructions, set the stop collar on the jig-specific drill bit for the apron thickness, again ¾”
    3. Clamp the drilling jig to the apron
    4. Drill hole – the stop collar will contact the jig, stopping the bit at the correct depth
    5. Unclamp and drill another hole – each apron should have a minimum of two holes at each leg joint

door table - drilling and cutting

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Laura Locke

Laura works alongside her husband at their furniture painting and repair business, Turning Leaf Crafts in Covington, TN. You can visit their website to learn more and follow along as they blog about their adventures in the world of repurposed furniture.